Slow Down

It has been too long since my last post. Six months and counting have passed since the last time I sat down in this chair to write what was on mind. So... what is on my mind? There are so many things floating through that I am having trouble capturing just one to share. So...I … Continue reading Slow Down

Be the Light

When I think of my purpose I am drawn to this... Whether it be a family member, friend, neighbor or stranger... someone around us always needs an encouraging word, smile OR even just an ear to listen so that they can pull themselves out of whatever funk they are in. We have even been there … Continue reading Be the Light


We are really all the same. We all open up after we learn someone's name. It doesn't really matter if we live near or far. Where we live, our background, make-up, and views are just a piece of who we are. We long for knowledge of the unknown. We look for answers that cannot be … Continue reading Humans


What book(s) did you enjoy reading while you were growing up? I have always viewed books as a gateway to the world of imagination and learning. Growing up on R.L. Stine's Fear Street Series and Janette Oke's Love's Abiding Joy Series gave me a look-see into two completely differnet worlds during my youth. I had … Continue reading Books

Food Talk

In contuniation of our food safety dicussion let's talk about food restrictions & habits, which are a part of life that some of us will choose to ignore during the holiday season. This can be okay as long as we have practiced discipline on the days leading to and on the days after each holiday. There are so … Continue reading Food Talk


These may look like doughnuts, but they taste completely different because they have cheese and sour cream ( which can easily be substituted for greek yogurt). The batter has a good amount of "soft" cow cheese in it which gives Papanași a unique taste all on its own. Ingredients: *Found a picture of this cheese right … Continue reading Papanași


Being thankful is an important part of being a Christian. The prayers are never too short, a casual "thanks" is just as good as an elaborate one. ___________________________________ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 King James Version  In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. ___________________________________ Today I want to … Continue reading Thankfulness

Post Share: Sunday Reflection

Winnie posted this amazing story that I believe all of you will enjoy! Trust me... it is well worth the quick read!! Her site is also amazing so if you have not been there before please do check it out! Sunday Reflection — Read on Happy Sunday! God bless you!🙏 Christy 🤗


Transalpina is NOT the name of this donkey. 😁 It is, however, one of the highest roads in the Carpathian Mountains here in Romania. The highest point of this adventure sits at 2,145 meters (7,037 ft) versus 2,042 meters (6,699 ft) of the Tranfagarasan roadway which I shared with you all earlier. Transalpina was said to have been built … Continue reading Transalpina

Salată de Boeuf

For clearity purposes... Let's just call this Potato Salad Plus! This salad can be made with beef or chicken. It requires boiling, cutting, mixing and then the best part... enjoying! 😋😁 Ingredients: 500 g (1 lb.)  beef or chicken breast 4 medium potatoes 6 carrots 2 celery roots 2 parsnips 8 pickles 250 g (1 … Continue reading Salată de Boeuf


I mentioned before that I worked at Olive Garden for 17.5 years as a manager. What I did not mention, as of yet, was something that rang true for me and/or any other manager on duty at the time. Your team is what can make or break you! This is true in real life as … Continue reading Team

Put God First

When you learn to "Put God First" in your life everything else starts to make sense. You no longer need other people, things, money, or adventures to make you happy because you have Him. I immensely enjoy when I see someone like Denzel sharing their faith. He has the ability to touch lives, making them … Continue reading Put God First

Post Share: How To Change The World In The Time It Takes To Read This. — Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

I am sharing this post from Britchy because it made me cry! I am still streaming tears of joy for this vet, and for his hero Britchy, because he is now in a better place for less money than it takes to buy a Bible now a days. Please... give this a read. Maybe it … Continue reading Post Share: How To Change The World In The Time It Takes To Read This. — Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Faces for Fun

For this week's Fantastic Fun Friday I am sharing two more drawings with you. Just like I mentioned in a previous post about drawing, this activity has proven to be a peaceful adventure for me. _____________________________________________ 1 Peter 4:10 King James Version  10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as … Continue reading Faces for Fun

Miraculous Monday

Miraculous is defined as "of the nature of a miracle" in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. There are many times in life when we live miraculously. Maybe we beat a record that we thought we couldn't, follow a diet that we thought would be impossible, get into a relationship that we thought was out of our league, or … Continue reading Miraculous Monday

I’m Selfish

This is a sad truth of mine, that I was not willing to admit to myself for such a long time. My problem is the fact that I worry about what the future brings and how it will affect me.... when I know that God's word says don't worry about yourself and simply focus your … Continue reading I’m Selfish

You Can!

This short phrase is a motivational message that still remains with me, ingrained in my psyche, now and forever more! The two simple words "You Can" are so powerful if you are trying to do things with your life. Call it "a blast from the past", "a flashback", or "a fond memory"; this phrase from my … Continue reading You Can!