Hunedoara Castle



Last week I had the pleasure of visiting this castle once again. Given its spectacular layout, I found it to be intriguing, despite the fact that I had visited it before.

A castle with many names, that it is! This castle goes by three different names; Although Corvin Castle is its predominant name, it has also been dubbed Hunyadi Castle or Hunedoara Castle. I call it the Hunedoara Castle since I was first introduced to it by this name during my initial visit many years ago.

This is one of the largest castles in Europe and it is also one of the quoted “Top Wonders of Romania” to visit. It has been in a few movie scenes, like most castles are, which include Royal Hearts from HallmarkGhost Rider Two, and  Fright Night to name a few. I have to admit, seeing a picture of Nicholas Cage in front of this castle on Google made me realize how much more well-known it is versus what I had originally thought.

This castle is definitely worth a visit; the price is more than fair for the enchanting sites offered. I spent a mere 25 lei for my ticket, this translates to a grand total of $6.25 or 5.38 Euro, which is really low considering the fact that you get to visit a site from the mid-1400s.

The narration displayed throughout the castle was in both Romanian and English languages, which makes the experience that much more worthwhile.

There was a historical feel along the inside of the castle, especially in the towers, because of the old appearances and cool wind gusts which made the entire experience seem as dated as it should’ve been.


The furniture looked just like what you would see in the movies; it was old-fashioned, and “fit for a king”, as the saying goes.


The castle’s model appeared to be on point with the exterior views. It was positioned under a beautiful arch, near two windows, which gave it plenty of incoming natural light. I thoroughly enjoyed the stairways, which were decorated with clover-like construction.

IMG_6326 – This is the castle’s official website.


Below is a picture that I took on a train ride from Resita Romania to Anina Romania. I paired it with Psalm 2:8 because there are times that I feel as though we can do more traveling if we simply ask.



Thank-you for taking the time to read my post. I hope that you found some joy in it. Hearing from you would be great, so please let me know what you think about anything I have listed here.

Christy 🙂




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  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Women like castles because in every woman is a princess… guys like them because in every guy is a knight… or at least we like to think so lol!

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