Exercise for better days with MS

Last night I was feeling tired and sore pretty much all over, my back was especially causing me some discomfort. Instead of just dealing with the pain, or taking medication, I decided to stretch with some of my favorite music. My stretching shortly turned into a yoga and dance session followed by an ab, upper body, and lower body workout with a yoga mat and two 5 kilo hand weights (this is 11 pounds for each hand).

How did I go from feeling awful to working out, and then feeling great afterward?

Discipline is the first step to overcoming excuses which make you think that it is okay to just live without exercise.

Motivation is a close second; think of how you will feel afterward so that you can get started. Once you start, you are more than likely going to do more than you thought you would do, to begin with.

Endorphins are the rewards your body gets to enjoy during and after the workout is done. These are chemicals released from your body, while it is active, which tell your brain that you will not feel pain. They also make you happy; which is a Double-WIN!!

There are so many great reasons to exercise, so I have named some of my favorite ones below:

  1. Helps me to fight against my MS symptoms. Other diseases or non-disease related symptoms are helped as well; It is a great defense against laziness! πŸ˜‰
  2. Weight control is better managed when exercise takes place daily.
  3. Makes you happy!
  4. Makes sleeping all night more likely.
  5. It is fun! Of course, it isn’t fun every day, but this is where the discipline comes in!


My normal exercise routine usually consists of a light jog for about 20-25 minutes a day. Every other day I do this β€œyoga/dance/ muscle workout” which lasts 30 minutes. On the days that I am not feeling well, I just keep it light, so that I can stay motivated on future days.

My jogs are not what they used to be, and that is okay because I still keep going and that is what counts! I take my phone with me on the days that I need a little variety; these are the days I take pictures while jogging. I agree, it may look weird like Zooey Deschanel in Yes Man, but I do capture some great pictures along the way!

I started this “picture-jogging” back while I was living in Florida; these are a few of my greatest pictures from there…


Here are some of my shots from Romania so far…

IMG_6314 (1)

Of course, the winter weather didn’t stop me! I made it out even when it snowed; extra clothing was a must and 20 minutes was the maximum on those cold days!



“If you have faith anything is possible. Anything at all.” Bethany Hamilton (Soul Surfer)

Bethany Hamilton is a girl surfer who lost her arm due to a shark bite and she still continued surfing despite her shortcoming. She not only came out of her devasting situation with hope, she wanted to touch others and bring them to God. She is a hero and I am inspired by her. I didn’t lose my arm, I was just diagnosed with MS, so why not continue to do what I know I can do?

I am not a doctor, and I do not want anyone reading this to feel like they should push themselves further than they possibly can. I just hope to inspire those who may be having an “off day” because those are easily beaten with the right attitude!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my post and thank-you for stopping by! I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on anything I have here. Happy Sunday!

Christy πŸ™‚



42 thoughts on “Exercise for better days with MS

  1. vicklea says:

    I started exercising with a physical therapist after my stroke in 2015. Up to about six months ago, I was riding my stationary bike 5 miles daily. Then I started having knee and back problems, so my orthopedic surgeon told me to do Chair exercise so I’m not straining my knee so much. Now, I’m riding my bike a little and doing Cardio Chair Boxing. So happy to find something I can do without strain! My daughter found it for me and I love doing it.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Richi says:

    The part where you mentioned endorphins grabbed my attention. When I did Yoga for the first time, I spent my entire day feeling happy. I think I now know the reason behind that. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. freyaht says:

    Hey Christy, this is a great post! I really needed to read something like this today, just suffering from some everyday blues. I love your picture jogging, that’s something fun to look forward to and cool to see the different cities!

    Thanks for sharing and glad I came across your blog πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Krishna says:

    Good and beautiful writing dear Christy…I would like to say you can try warm olive oil/sesame oil massage twice a week and then Epsom salt bath twice a week too along with exercises to relieve the MS pain. May lord heal you completely. Stay blessed πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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