Enjoy Life without Excuses

After packing, cleaning the house, and driving a really long way… we came to a paradise that I am thoroughly enjoying! You see, I lived in Florida nearly my whole life, up until about 10 months ago. Now we live in a mountainous area which we love! However, returning to the sea 🌊 has been such a pleasurable experience.

I can’t help but to wonder… Why didn’t I enjoy the ocean in Florida as much as I enjoy the sea right now?

I believe that I took it for granted, I was too busy, I didn’t want to get sand in my car, the drive wasn’t convenient and the list of ridiculous reasons goes on and on.

So, for now, I sit here on the beach… enjoying the moments that I never did before. I sit on a chair in the sand listening to the waves crash, the seagulls sing, and the wind blow. I don’t regret my lost moments because I did other things that I enjoyed to fill the time, but I do plan on not having anymore lost moments because of silly excuses!

I hope that this post finds you all well, enjoying life’s precious moments, without making excuses and/or finding reasons not to.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my post today! I would enjoy hearing from you.

Christy πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Enjoy Life without Excuses

  1. fabric that made me says:

    I can so relate to this. I lived in Colorado my whole life and moved to North Dakota…not by choice… I actually enjoy the slow pace life and the people here are so kind and friendly but now when I get the chance to even see the mountains β›° my heart ❀️ misses them so much. I never really enjoy the beauty that I had for 37year. It took leaving it to know just how amazing what I had was.

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      Thank- you for your thoughtful response! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the slower pace… I am enjoying the same in my new home. I am learning that… there is beauty everywhere… we just have to find it and enjoy what we can when we can. πŸ€—

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  2. Kathy Wire says:

    I grew up in the Air Force, so we moved a lot. It taught me that God’s beauty is everywhere, as varying as it is. I often read about “being mindful” these days, and I am trying to carry that out in a Biblical fashion: In all things give thanks, pray without ceasing… Really try to think about what’s in the moment, see things with God’s perspective, be amazed, be grateful.

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