Sunis Efes Royal Palace Resort & Spa


This resort was one of the best that I have had the pleasure of staying in; the staff was friendly and accommodating and the amenities were superb. I especially enjoyed watching the entertainment crew gather people for various activities during the day and evening time functions, they really did have the necessary gusto to “get the party started!”

Even though we lived in Florida for many years, staying directly on the beach was a “first time event” for us, so we obviously cherished the water! We were avid pool goers before now, but you would think that we always enjoyed the big deep blue sea more than the pool(s). Sand, salt water, and other silly excuses are now a thing of the past! It is funny how quickly you can ditch an old bad habit, like finding reasons why not to enjoy something, if and when you really want to. Salt water swimming was one of the highlights of our vacation so I am surely glad that we did not make any excuses!

The night life at Sunis Resort was top notch; there was a show each and every night, from flame blowing to acrobats, we were entertained after dinner without turning on a television set, laptop, or iPhone.

We also had the pleasure of visiting 4 sought-after sights during our stay in Turkey; House of Virgin Mary, Ephesus, the Trojan Horse, and Pamukkale. I have included websites for more information below.

House of Virgin Mary


The House of Virgin Mary is located near the ancient city of Ephesus in Kusadasi, Turkey; this is where it is believed that she lived and died. This was my favorite site simply due to its sense of peace; the atmosphere inside and out were both serene.




Β http://www.ephesus.us/

This was an amazing place to see also. We enjoyed walking through these old ruins and seeing what was still standing from 10 BC.

Trojan Horse

This is the “Movie-famous” Trojan Horse from the 2004 film of Troy starring Brad Pitt. This wooden horse was donated to the city of Canakkale after the filming of the movie.

This “blast from the past” was magnificent both by visual site and location; this work of art has been left sitting on a board walk next to the water boat ferry nestled in between streets of shops and restaurants. Our afternoon was beautifully complete by coming here… we enjoyed our picture taking, followed by an ice cream, and then a ride on the ferry!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor




This was an enjoyable site for the most part. You see, we are not the biggest fans of over-crowded places, and this place was packed so it was harder for us to enjoy. We also were expecting to see more pools of water than we did, based on what we saw online prior to visiting. This mountain is still beautiful even though the pools are dried up, it is just not as beautiful as it looks online. I did try to find out why the water was dried up, but I have not been successful other than going by the “hear-say” of locals saying that the summer months are too hot so the water is dried up during this time of year.


Thank-you for taking the time to read my post… I hope that you enjoyed it. I would enjoy hearing from you and I hope that you all are doing well!

Christy πŸ™‚

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