MSers Don’t Give Up

Chef Chris Holland is a two-time Chopped champion whose life was temporarily interrupted after his diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. He thought that his life was over when he got MS so he became addicted to his opioid medication because of his hopeless thoughts and feelings. Luckily, he got the help that he needed, and he is now back on track and giving back to the people who helped him when he needed it the most. Here is the video that explains his amazing story: 

Here’s his restaurant’s website –

Although he has had his ups and downs, he has now turned his life around for the better and he is helping others in the process. On Chopped, he was quoted for saying “If somebody is watching this show who was diagnosed with MS, I’m hoping that they see with their own eyes that there is life after the diagnosis. There’s plenty of living left to do.” This, along with his will to get back on track and help others, is what inspired me to share his story.

A few things came to my mind while I read about Chris:

  • What is Opioid?

This link explains the answer to this question –

  • Why did he feel this way?

This question can only be answered on a case by case basis. Personally, when I was diagnosed, I felt nearly the same way! I was a manager at the Olive Garden at the time. I remember seeing people walking in the front door with their walkers and me having to excuse myself to go to the restroom to cry because I was scared that I would be on a walker (or worse) myself very soon. Luckily, I never did anything drastic like reaching to drugs to solve my problems but I know that it could have been easy to do if the circumstances would have been just right. Being diagnosed with something that could make you live the rest of your life in a wheelchair is a scary pill to swallow. Support, a feeling of hope, faith, and happiness from within are all so vital.


Cheryl Hile gives me hope to keep jogging every day that I can. She has completed her “7 marathons on 7 continents” and she is now working on “The Next Adventure”; A marathon that will be in Detroit on October 21, 2018. She has already gathered up numerous MSers to run this marathon with her, both physically present and afar (including multiple virtual participants from different continents).

Here’s the link which has a video of her diagnosis, her overcoming her running challenges with the help of her brace, and her passion to keep going;

Her positivity is something that I thoroughly enjoy and try to have in my own life. I do, of course, encourage others to do the same. Why not live as happy as possible? Something that also caught my attention about her is the fact that she bought a bike. In the event that she can no longer run, she still plans to be in marathons to inspire others while keeping herself happy.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my post today. I would enjoy hearing from you so please comment below.

Christy 🙂

8 thoughts on “MSers Don’t Give Up

  1. Beauty Vambe says:

    Christy I really enjoy this kind of videos they are so motivational. May God continue to strengthen you and every one else going through/battling with an ailment. It is not the end it is the beginning of greater things. God bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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