Turkish People are Friendly

In my post “Vacation in Turkey” I mentioned that I had been pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the Turkish people. Since that post Ms Lab Rat has asked me to describe my first interaction with a Turkish person that made me realize they were friendly.

I am not trying to get of track, but I will just a little, by saying if you haven’t been to her site you should! Her posts are a pleasure to read due to her unique skill set in writing, her passion for a great life, and her humor for things that others may simply take for granted. You will be pleased… I promise!

Back to our story… 😉

My first interaction was with a clerk, at the hotel that we stayed at, on our first night in Turkey. I met him the morning after our stay, when we were ready to check out, and go elsewhere for breakfast because it was only 7am and the complimentary hotel breakfast wasn’t scheduled to start until 8am. He could’ve just taken our key and we would’ve been happy with our stay knowing that we were planning to leave before breakfast began. Instead, he struck up a conversation (in English) with our daughter asking her if she was enjoying Turkey. She told him that we had just gotten here the night before and that she was still tired. His response was more than I had expected, he said that if we gave him 5 minutes we could have breakfast in the dinning room. I was wowed by his degree of service and care for his customers. After we ate, and drank their delicious Turkish tea, he invited us to visit again if we were ever in the area. Coming from the hospitality industry myself, I have learned to look for these acts of kindness, and this one was simply overwhelming to me.

I have to describe one more interaction which took place a few days later. Sorry, but this one is also necessary in my eyes. I had to test the waters while we were in Pamukkale, and since it was hot and there were so many others doing it, I got down to my bikini for a quick dip even though I saw some women there fully dressed with hair dressings and all. Well, as soon as I got to the water, there was an elderly woman right beside me who needed a helping hand as we walked into the water that laid above the rocky maintain that we stood on. The rocks were a bit slippery, and some jagged edges were not pleasant to walk on, so extra caution was necessary. I grabbed her arm so that I could support her, despite the fact that she was dressed from head to foot in black, and simply wished that she would be okay with my help and not judge my choice of clothing. She looked up at me immediately and said “Thank-you sweetheart!” in English! We sat together and she told me that she loves her country and that she wishes I would enjoy it too. She was not an employee. She did not have to except my help. If she would’ve just taken my help and not said a word I would’ve been happy with the interaction just the same, but instead, she wanted to give me well wishes. I thought that was so kind of her to do.

Of course, the people at the resort we stayed at, were all nice too! We even went to a Turkish shopping bazaar in the city and found nice people there as well. I was happy to have met all these nice people during our visit, it sure does make us want to go back if we are ever given the opportunity to do so.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my post today. I am always thrilled to read your comments so please share them below.

Chrisy 🙂


11 thoughts on “Turkish People are Friendly

  1. Zeno The Stoic says:

    Hmm….yes I agree with the Bitchy One. I really try hard these days. I agree most people are probably pleasant. But the stress of day to day life can so easily get to us. Noise, busyness, rudeness, anxiety. Ain’t easy being human.

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      True. I am glad to read that you are also trying because in today’s difficult world this is the only way to make things better. Sometimes I pause before I speak, or I just smile without saying anything at all, if I feel that my emotions are getting the best of me. Thank-you for your response and I hope you are having a great day.

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  2. aguycalledbloke says:

    Strangely enough l also find people respond very well to kindness if it is expressed to them. About a month ago, l was in town adn saw an elderly gentleman in a shop who was plainly hard of hearing and the sales assistance was just raising his voice all the time and the gentleman was becoming flustered as l think most of us would have. I stepped in from a queue of people who were not bothered but getting angry at the elder for taking ‘too much time’ and huffing and puffing and asked what the problem was? it was because the chap was struggling with his change, easily rectified, easily remedied and yet all those people, not one asked what the problem was?

    Afterwards l walked him out of the shop and sat him down and talked to him for a while, then he was fine.

    People will always respond to kindness if you allow them to. It doesn’t take a lot for people to do that, but everyone these days is just so much in a rush.

    Good for you Christy 🙂

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  3. mslabrat says:

    I am so tickled that you indulged my request and mentioned my blog! I keep hearing lovely things about the people in Turkey. In fact, just today in my opening class of the semester, one of my students recalled how beautiful it is and urged us all the go. Coincidence? Or am I being called? Thank you so much for sharing your stories. For now, I’ll content myself with reading about Turkey.

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