Celebrities with Multiple Sclerosis

I feel  a bit more at ease when I see that others in the world are handling Multiple Sclerosis in a positive manner. It uplifts me, and it gives me the hope that I need to push forward and continue doing what I believe that I can do.

The following videos have helped me. By sharing them, I hope to help any of you who are interested.

Chad Vaccarino

I worked Chad’s dad, Joey Vaccarino, for many years at the Olive Garden. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, Joey had me speak with his son Chad, who helped me in the beginning when I needed help the most. His advice was great; he said to stay away from the medicine if you can so that you can avoid the side effects. He also said to watch the video about the Paleo diet from Terry Wahls so that I would know more about what was best to eat. He is not a doctor, but I am glad that I took his advice, because I have been drug free during my entire ride by simply watching what I eat.


Matt Embry

Matt Embry is also motivating. His diet is a bit different than the one I learned above, and although I don’t follow Matt’s diet advice 100% of the time, exercise is something that I got covered! Anyhow, if you want some great advice from someone who is clearly making the best of their MS life, simply key his name into Youtube, and watch his videos… you won’t be sorry!

If these two popular faces are not enough, check this list of”Celebrities with MS” to see the famous MS faces of the world!

I enjoy the fact that so many of these celebrities are trying to make a difference in the way the world handles and views MS.

Thank-you for stopping by and reading my post today. I look forward to any comments that you have, so please share them below. I hope that you have a great rest of your week.

Christy 🙂



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