Keeping a Schedule

Three and a half months into my blogging venture finds me wanting to create a schedule for myself. As I have always been accustomed to doing things in an organized manner, I foresee this being a positive step forward. I do see that some of you out there have a schedule of sorts of your own; “Motivational Monday”, “Daily Inspiration” (for some) or “Daily Motivation” (for others), “Random Thoughts” and/or “Random Quotes”, and then there are other things like “Swimmers”, the assortment of “Challenges”, and a variety of series based on “Memories”.

From what I see, schedules provide the following benefits for the reader and writer alike:

  • Consistency
  • Transparency
  • Motivation
  • Accountability

What are your thoughts on schedules in regards to blogging? Do you find them useful? Are they manageable? Does the interest in them stand the course of time?

For the month of August I plan to provide you with the following schedule:

  • Mondays will be “Miraculous Monday” which will be like “Motivational Monday” – I changed the name so that it matches my blog’s title.
  • Wednesdays will be “What’s Cooking” so that I can share some more recipes that I have found to be a good treat.
  • Fridays will be “Fantastic Fun Day” so that I can share either a crochet piece, DIY project, a drawing, a song, a place that is nice to visit or something fun to do!
  • Sundays are the Lord’s day. I will be sharing a story that has touched me, something I have learned, something that I think needs focus, or praise for God.

I do hope that this turns out to be as positive as I have imagined it to be. If it all goes well, I will keep it up, and if not I will seek a new direction that will be fun for you and me!

Hope that you are having a great week so far!

Christy 🙂


43 thoughts on “Keeping a Schedule

  1. Andrea says:

    I personally don’t think schedules work for me because I get inspired what happens in that day.
    But since you have your 4 topics, I think it’s a very good idea!
    People know what to expect and it will probably make it easier for you ! 🙂

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  2. HistorianRuby says:

    Great idea to keep a schedule… I’m rubbish at it! I did run a weekly Pictures of History series for six weeks that I managed to schedule but I’m afraid I’m a ‘as soon as it’s ready’ blogger. That said I have been known to delay a post by a day or two to enter a new month. 1😀

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  3. Zanele says:

    I’m.bery bad with schedules or consistency which proves on my blog as I attempted to do a 40 day devotional writing that only lasted for 30 days….which of course I feel disappointed about. It took me 2 months to even get to the 30 days. I need help with consistency especially when it comes to my spiritual being. If there’s one area I really lack in is this 😔😔😔 . So how can I even attempt a schedule?? This weakness is killing my motivational and writing creativity and I hate it but I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m work schedule doesn’t help much as I’m in the medical field and the hours and exhausting to say the least. Evenings im too tired to even cuddle with the kids and mornings I struggle to wake up from the tiredness of the previous day. Pls pray for me in this. I really need help.

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      I will pray for you to have more peace and family time. I wouldn’t worry about a blog schedule if I were you because you are working. It was touching to read that you devoted your time to a lengthy devotional writing which was very enjoyable. This shows your love for God and it shows that you want to bring his grace to the lives of others. You are amazing! 🤗🙏


  4. floatinggold says:

    That sounds like a great idea.
    And I really like your Monday title.

    I am mostly a spontaneous blogger, in a sense that one I write, I like to post. But every now and then, I managed to pre-schedule a few posts. It does help out in times when you lack motivation/ ideas, or just time.

    I never made a rigid schedule (some have an official calendar on their site). I just hinted here and there what my plans were and what could be expected from me. That was mainly done for me. To keep me motivated. It felt like I “had to” do it, because I had a deadline. And so I did. However, when life gets busier, and you’re unable to fulfill those pre-set schedules, then it makes you feel a bit defeated (I know it does so to me). Hence, the not so rigid schedule I enforce on myself.

    It’s good for your readers, because they know what to expect. You might have some, who like motivation/ inspiration posts, but are not religious, or the other way around. That way, they will look out for your posts on the days that you would be posting something of interest to them. It’s a good way to gain and keep your followers.

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  5. 3C Style says:

    Your schedule sounds good to me. I am a very organized person… At least at work and at home. With the blog, I have a more intuitive and spontaneous approach, but as the number of followers increases I will have to establish a schedule, eventually. I’m already having trouble reading all of my WP friend blogposts. An agenda might probably help me be more effective. A story to follow.

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