Transalpina is NOT the name of this donkey. 😁 It is, however, one of the highest roads in the Carpathian Mountains here in Romania. The highest point of this adventure sits at 2,145 meters (7,037 ft) versus 2,042 meters (6,699 ft) of the Tranfagarasan roadway which I shared with you all earlier.

Transalpina was said to have been built under the ruling of King Carol II and then rebuilt during World War II by German troops.

I also wanted to share a video clip of this roadway with you as well so please enjoy this one below.

Video credit:

Although it was a hot summer day in the begining of our journey, the weather up in the mountains had blended hot and cold wind gusts for us to enjoy simultaneously. It felt surreal to drive and walk so high up in the sky, we were actually level with the clouds. This is an experience that I was happy to be a part of and one that I will never forget.

Now that I am learning to stop and enjoy what I see with more regularity I am discovering that I have felt this sense of amazement in many parts of the world. I believe that this feeling comes when you are able to apprecite and be thankful for your surroundings. You are able to feel free, and in the moment, which helps you see the beauty around you.

What places give you this feeling? What places make you happy to be a part of them?

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to hearing from you.

Christy 😃


34 thoughts on “Transalpina

  1. floatinggold says:

    The video of the road is absolutely breathtaking. The cover picture of the donkey is a great composition.
    I find that it is mostly dependent on my mindset. I can find beauty in a concrete jungle. But preferably, anywhere far away from that is where I want to be to take it all in.

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