Scary Internet

Today I was on Amazon looking for online jobs which I can do from home. I do have plenty of experience in the service industry so my qualifications are where they need to be to find something worth-while…. hopefully! So please wish me luck, and more importantly help me by praying, so that I find the job that is right for me and my family.

This is not why I wanted to write this post today, so let’s get to the point…

When I was done looking through their jobs I opened a new tab and went into Forbes because I have always thought of them as being a reputable source for information. Today, I got spooked! When I logged in the article that popped up first was this…

It is a good article, and it is probably the one that I would have wound up searching for myself, but how did this site know what I was thinking? Creepy right??? Have you ever been spooked like this from the internet?

I hope that you are having an amazing start to your day!

Christy πŸ™‚



32 thoughts on “Scary Internet

  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the article! I would love to work from home myself so this can be useful!

    It is scary, you are right.
    I think it has to do with cookies. If one day I search for vacations to go to, I will see ads from airplanes companies popping up for the next week!

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  2. Cooking in Cowboy Boots says:

    It’s so creepy……Sometimes it seems like I even have talked about something and it shows up as a β€œsuggestion” when I’m internet or Facebook surfing. I’m beginning to think my Google Home is a spy, which is probably more likely than I care to admit. Thanks for the article and good luck on the job search!

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  3. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    Good luck and i pray you get the right job that works for you.

    There is thing called big data, companies collect so much data on your searches in amazon. On google and then they give u want u want. Know i personally dint get the technical ways they do this. But i actually think it is against data protection, because my search result in google or amazon should not be shared.. anyways that is me being me..

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  4. ourlittleredhouseblog says:

    Yeah, I get spooked all the time with online things. If I am looking up something from my laptop to research and then head over to my television (Roku streaming set up) on go on YouTube they will have links to subjects I was researching online on a different computer. Everything is connected now and there are even cameras on smart TV’s that can watch us and what we are interested in. Computers have little cameras also. We always cover ours once we buy anything new. My kids taught me about their computers little spy cameras and why they cover them.

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  5. 3C Style says:

    I get often spooked with technology or mad at it, but I wouldn’t live without it. I imagine that soon it will be possible to pay to prevent the use of cookies. A bit like we do here in Quebec with our telephone company to prevent marketing companies from calling us to conduct their surveys. In the end, it’s the consumer who pays!

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