Deep Blue Memories

Before I start I want to inform you about a post from Nicole at Coolncreative17. She mentions that October is Dysautononua Awareness Month and she has done a great job explaining this in detail. Please check out her amazing site and also her post on this topic.

When I am having moments of despair I pray! Sometimes God makes me laugh because He reminds me of funny memories.

Today I want to share a new memory with you all.Β I was not thinking to write about this topic, but Goldie inspired me with her post about swimming. So, thank you, Goldie, for getting my neurons “fired up” on this subject!

As a scuba diver you will eventually hear of, be asked to, or maybe even participate in a shark dive.

I did participate in a grand total of ONE of those “shark dives”, the rest of my dives consisted of the following;

  • Beach Dives on near-shore reefs
  • Night Dives
  • Ship Wreck Dives
  • Open Water Dives
  • Speer Fishing Dives
  • Lobster Dives

Anyways… getting back to how God makes me laugh when I need to… The dive boat we used most often had this really neat radio which played tunes that you could hear in the ocean as you were swimming. The funniest song (ironically) that I have ever heard on a dive had to be this one…

This song makes me laugh to this day because it was played on the ONE shark dive that I did. Although I saw a harmless nurse shark, the entire experience still makes me laugh just the same.

I have left diving behind me now, but I still have my very own deep blue keepsake. I picked this shell up on a wreck dive named Tortuga which is near Miami Beach, Florida.

For a visual of scuba diving on the Tortuga, I hope that you enjoy this video that I found on Youtube.

Have you ever been on a scuba dive? If yes, where and what kind? More importanly… what kind of memories does God use to cheer you up?

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

Christy πŸ˜€

27 thoughts on “Deep Blue Memories

  1. Author Ryan Callahan says:

    Cool! I’ve never been scuba diving! I did swim way too far out in the Gulf of Mexico when I was a kid around 12 years old. We were in Port Aransas, TX and we swam way out past the pier. There was a shark swimming near us and we saw the fin disappear under the water. It was by God’s grace and protection that we made it back to the beach safely! One of the scariest times in my life!

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  2. floatinggold says:

    All of the dives you listed sound absolutely amazing. I’ve never done a real dive like that, but I always wanted to, and the ship dive video just makes me even more excited.

    Imagining you surrounded by sharks and the “Don’t worry, be happy” song playing made me laugh. Not at your potential danger, but at the irony. It’s interesting to hear that the music plays as you dive. Is it so loud that it can be heard under water, or do you have headphones playing? Does the noise attract the creatures of the ocean, or repels them?

    The shell (?) from Tortuga is so unique. Amazing.

    God makes me laugh all the time. It’s a great reminder to not take life too seriously.

    Thank you for mentioning me, btw!

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      I am happy that you enjoyed the video and the shell! It is my pleasure to mention you… I am thankful that you pushed my mind in this direction!

      The music played through underwater speakers under the boat. It was cool! I think the song choice was intentional but I also found it comically ironic. lol!

      God does amazing things for us all the time! I am happy that you know this too! God bless you!

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  3. Laurie says:

    My hubby and I took scuba lessons (at our local rec center pool), passed the written test, and never got checked out to actually get our license. At the time, we would have had to test in a dark quarry in the winter, which wasn’t very appealing. I would love to go on a dive in the ocean, though. Someplace warm!

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  4. Del Mildenberger says:

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