5 Tips for Making the Best of the Cold

Embrace the Cold

I never thought that I would put “Embrace” & “Cold” in a sentence together. Me? A Floridian who always donned on a jacket at the cusp of  the slightest chill. What was once my breaking point of 70 °F / 21.11 °C, is now actually a warm day this time of year, boy have things surely changed for me.  🙂

Walking in from the cold is such a comforting feeling. This is one that I would have never been able to fully appreciate in Florida, but yet I feel it here everyday. I don’t always like the cold, but today I did! For one, I was thankful for the warmth that wrapped around me when I enetered my place, and I also felt a sense of gratitude for the entire experience.

Honing in on the good things about the cold helps you appreciate it.

Pick the More Reasonable Route

My daughter’s school is a whopping eight minute walk from our home, but the drive takes just as long, because of the morning rush of cars and walkers. This, coupled with the fact that there is always an ice sheild which covers our windsheild, makes us scrap the naucences altogether and walk in the cold. Our walks are far more pleasurable than the inside of a cold car which usually heats up mid travel.

Make it FUN!

We enjoy making jokes about the air that comes out of our mouths. Sometimes we even like to pause when we see a larger group of walkers so that we can see many puffs floating up together. It is a fun activity to get your mind off of the cold. 🙂

                                                           Photo from Adobe.com

Gear Up!

We have also gotten used to wearing more clothes! I remeber when we first moved here to Romania and had to wear more than the previous usual shorts and tshirt. Let’s just describe the feeling of the difference between the two as being in a body cast! We had trouble moving back then, because we were used to having leight weight clothing at all times, so this was an adjustment for us! Now, luckily, it is second nature. Gloves, hats, scarfs, boots, jackets and double pants… bring it on!

Be Organized!

Maybe you don’t actually need to go out at that percise moment. Who says shopping has to be done in the morning or nighttime hours during the colder months? Nobody. You can also learn to make a list and consolidate your trips out.

What covers your feet today… boots or flipflops?

I hope that this helps motivate you to make the best of the cold if you are living in it. Some of you may be living in warm areas, like Florida, so in this case I hope you at least find some humor in this post from someone who was once in your flipflops. 😉

I hope that you are all doing well and having a great start to your week!

Christy 🙂




24 thoughts on “5 Tips for Making the Best of the Cold

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Lol!! I’m sure there was a brilliant culture shock going from Florida to Romania! I’ve got to where I like the cold over the hot. Sweating just ain’t my thing anymore…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Author Ryan Callahan says:

    It is freezing here right now! Snowed all day yesterday and it’s snowing again this morning. I just finished shoveling the driveway and the sidewalk for the first time this season. Winter is definitely here! Great advice! I would love being in the warmth of Florida right now! God bless!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kathy Wire says:

    We get all four seasons here, and we like them. We get a bit irritated when one season sneaks into another: we got really cold too early in the fall this year; other years, summer lasts too long or rears up unexpectedly. But we take it all. We have multiple closets for storing seasonal outerwear. Our go-to coat rack is pretty full right now, with both cool- and frigid-wear at the ready.

    Liked by 1 person

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