More Than Just A Sport

I saw a man casually jogging in the cold and I immediately felt connected to this stranger who I have never met. After thinking of reasons why I felt connected, I came to realize that running is more than just a sport, it is a choice. You choose to go out and run and get sweaty and breathe heavy and feel tired and then gratified all at once because you did not choose to sit home instead. When I see a runner I quietly praise them because I think saying “Great Job!” to a stranger running in the street may cause them to think that I have a screw loose or something.

Jogging makes me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myslef. I get to feel like I made a good choice to stay fit and healthy and maybe… just maybe… I get to motivate someone else to do the same. Although I do not run in formation anymore, I still feel attached in a way, to others who run. Laurie’s posts remind me of this connection while I blog. Thank you Laurie for your inspirational post about MCM because that is where I teared up when I read about Retired Staff Seargent Jose Sanchez. In blogging, I can say “Great Job Laurie for all your runs!” and I don’t have to feel weird about it because she did do a great job and she deserves the recognition!  🙂

As for Seargent Sanchez… I just love reading about and/or seeing people who could easily dismiss pushing themselves further BUT they rather choose to overlook their issues while choosing to inspire others around them. He chose to get out there and run, ignoring the naucencess, akwardness, feelings, and perhaps pain just so that he could feel good about doing what he loves and so that he could inspire others to do the same. The fact that he still runs makes me want to keep going. I will think of him on the days when my MS tries to dampen my motivation and I will put one foot in front of the other and GO!

I feel connected to other runners because it is more than just a sport… It is a choice, a choice to survive positively while inspiring others to do the same.


What choices do you make cause you to sit back and say “that was a really good one”? What things do you do to help inspire others?

I hope that you all have a great week and thank-you for stopping by today. Please stay motivated in whatever you choose to do today and make choices that ultimetely lead you to your happiness.

If you are new, and liked this, please join un on Monday’s for more motivational nuggets.

Christy 🙂





123 thoughts on “More Than Just A Sport

  1. Diane says:

    I really want to get out there an jog or gym or just do something to get fit and healthy. However, it’s not really a passion of mine.. lol… so getting out there to do it is a struggle. Writing is a passion for me, inspiring others, changing lives. Reading this post helped me realise that my actual passion can be implemented into getting fit too. Perhaps this will motivate me to get up and go jog or gym and get healthy and fit.

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  2. lensdailydiary says:

    Great post Christie. This made me think of my daughter. She’s a marathon runner. Eight years ago she ran the Toronto marathon and had a hard time recovering. After a week she became concerned because she had never felt so fatigued and so visited the doctor. After examination the doctor told her she was three months pregnant. My eight year old granddaughter’s is a bundle of energy.

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  3. indianeskitchen says:

    My choice is working independently (no agency) with adults that have developmental disabilities. It can be very challenging and there have been many times I wondered how long I could continue…’s been about 10 years already. However, after a tough day and making the smallest amount of progress with my client…..well it is just an amazing feeling!

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      Agreed. I started running on the treadmill, as of late, and find that I miss the outdoors but I enjoy the greater push I give myself because of the stats under my nose. Those red timers can really make you try harder.

      Go outside once or twice a week yourself… I still do and it is nice. Keeps the balance.

      Thank you for reading and sending your nice comment.

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  4. dangerouspaddy says:

    Lovely piece. I always admire anyone who challenges the outdoor elements. I love to keep active as well, I hit the gym, classes and play a lot of badminton. But the gym work only goes to help improve my stamina on court so I can give my best there every-time. I also try to help other players around me improve their games. I trained as a level 1 coach in the game to gain knowledge to help others as it is all to the better of the sport I love.

    Thanks for sharing your blog.

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