Weird Comments

Happy Monday to all! I hope that everyone had a great weekend and I hope that your week ahead is even better!

Sometimes we hear or read things that we should ignore. Don’t read between the lines when a message is telling you things that could be hurtful because you are as good as you think you are… no matter what people say! This goes for face-to-face or blogging-to-face interactions. It also goes for comments that are blatantly disrespectful or those which are seemingly helpful but with a negative twist.

The following comment was in my spam folder:

Hi. I see that you don’t update your blog too often. I know that writing content is boring and time consuming.

But did you know that there is a tool that
allows you to create new articles using existing content (from article directories or other blogs
from your niche)? And it does it very well.

The new articles are unique and pass the copyscape test. Search in google and try: miftolo’s tools.

Have you ever received a comment like this one?

When I read this I thought of a few things that I would like to share about blogging:

  • If boredom strikes just take a break
  • If you run low on ideas do something that strikes up a new one

Utimately, if you use someone else’s words, they are not yours and what’s the point of blogging if you are not using your words? Why even go through the trouble of this? I believe that if it gets that bad to where you need to copy then I think it may be time to call it quits.

Imagini pentru negative comments quotes  Ok. Enough talk about the issue… now on to the solution

In order to avoid getting into a rut such as this, one must keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ignore weird comments such as these and delete them… or write about them… lol!
  • Stay motivated by looking for ways to better your writing
  • Have enough confidence in yourself to produce something that others want to read
  • Don’t give up and keep trying… not every post will be your best
  • Remind yourself why you started blogging… copying PROBABLY wasn’t your reason

Imagini pentru negative comments quotes

How do you handle weird comments? Do you listen to them and try to better yourself  OR do you let them get you down and bulid a wall to prevent future comments from bothering you?

As always, I would enjoy hearing from you so please let me know what your thoughts are on any of these questions above. If you are new, and like what you have seen, please join us on Monday’s for more motivation.

Christy 🙂

86 thoughts on “Weird Comments

  1. Coolncreative17 says:

    Unfortunately I have had a few comments like this in the last month complaining about the layout of my website, etc since I started my new website. If you are reading this comment and you are one of the mean, cruel people who was responsible for these comments my message to you is don’t read it if you don’t like the content because everything I post is from my heart as with many bloggers, Christy included.
    I am sorry to hear you have also had comments like this Christy and your blog is definitely not boring. I like to try out all the recipes you share.

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  2. Andrea says:

    Ugh yeah. I had those too on one specific post.
    Had to delete the post, because I got 10 a day.
    Those are not bloggers from WP, but like you said bored people who really don’t have a purpose in life.

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  3. Ancient Skies says:

    Yes, I think we all get them! Unfortunately. These are not really done by people or individual people. They are sent out by the thousands, like a commercial message. It’s a dumb way of trying to sell something, like voicemail of sales pitches on our phones. These are the modern salesman calling. In other words, you need this product so click here.
    And I’m sure some are harmful to our computers containing viruses. That’s my experience anyway.

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  4. vicklea says:

    Good reminder, Christy, to be careful what we listen to and read. I am reminded of the children’s song that I used to teach in Sunday school, “Be careful little ears what you hear. Be careful little eyes what you see.”

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  5. crushedcaramel says:

    I have seen some hilarious comments in my spam folder. I do entertain myself by glancing at them before I trash them.
    I don’t understand who writes them, but generally the spelling and grammar are appalling.
    I check my spam folder because sometimes the comments of genuine bloggers end up there.

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      You are going to laugh… this was in my spam folder! It accompanied an advertisement for lingerie that was in response to my eggplant salad post… really? I was cracking up!! I guess the writer of it that comment thinks that if you eat eggplant salad then you should wear lingerie? 😉 hahahahahha!

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  6. lensdailydiary says:

    Interesting thoughts Christie. All comments directed to me on WordPress have always been positive…….perhaps this is because only WordPress people have commented. Is there a difference between running your own website as opposed to letting WordPress run the platform? Now Twitter is a whole different story. I left after five months because it was so negative.

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  7. ruthsoaper says:

    I get them all the time – I just ignore and delete. Whatever you do don’t be offended – these people are not even reading your blog- most likely just sending out messages in bulk.. It is ridiculous to think that someone who is writing a personal blog would want someone else to create content for them.

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  8. floatinggold says:

    I did not receive this one in particular (please don’t go trying to change that), but I’ve gotten others trying to sell their product. It’s annoying.
    You make great points about knowing when to take a break and how to keep going.

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  9. the britchy one says:

    Those nasty comments are in your spam folder for a reason! I don’t think there’s a Blogger here who will say they haven’t had one exactly the same. They’re trying to sell products. They haven’t even read your posts, it’s generic bullshit that’s all 😊

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  10. Author Ryan Callahan says:

    Those are scam messages from some weird site. I get them in my spam folder sometimes too. I just delete them and move on. If I get a comment that is negative or challenges me that is from a real person, I deal with it through prayer and the Word of God. If somebody has real constructive criticism or they just disagree, I am willing to have a conversation, especially if it is in regards to my beliefs. I will always defend God’s Word and faith in Jesus. I have dealt with a few negative people, but most of those comments in the spam folder are scammer messages though. Just delete, smile, and move on. God bless!

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  11. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    Ignore, delete such comments for sure. If you are sharing your own words and doing what this comments, then why blog. I agree totally with your post and thank you for actually sharing this, makes for a great read and discussion and awareness. I think we have to take a break sometimes to give a chance for writing juices to work if we are struggling. May be the comment was meant to be helpful in a weird way. But it lacks honesty and honest people can never do such a thing.

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  12. thoughtsnlifeblog says:

    I actually never look at my spam folder. And i agrre with the other comments on this post of yours. Ignore spam comments, delete or report them. But dont pay attention to trash.

    Where attention goes the mind flows. Dont give attention to negative stuff i say.

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  13. Laurie says:

    I think everyone gets weird comments like this in their spam folder. I read through mine a few times and just had to shake my head at the stuff in there. I don’t take it personally.

    On the other hand, I sometimes get comments on posts I wrote that might be considered somewhat controversial. If I don’t agree, I will usually say something like “Thank you for the comment.” and move on.

    Some of the comments I got when I wrote an article about gun safety, I did not even approve. I didn’t want stuff like that on my blog!

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