These may look like doughnuts, but they taste completely different because they have cheese and sour cream ( which can easily be substituted for greek yogurt). The batter has a good amount of “soft” cow cheese in it which gives Papanași a unique taste all on its own.


*Found a picture of this cheese right here on WP (site listed above).

-400 g (14 OZ) of “soft” cow cheese
-2 eggs
-30g (1 OZ) vanilla sugar
-1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate
-240 g (1 cup) of flour &  1 teaspoon of baking powder
-200 g (3/4 cup) of sour cream


  • Mix the cow cheese, eggs, and vanilla sugar with the blender. Add bicarbonate (with fresh lemon  🍋 juice) and then blend again.
  • In a separate bowl mix the flour & baking powder and then add it to the wet mixture 1 spoon at a time and blend after each addition.
  • After blending, knead by hand till the mixture is hardened.
  • Put flour down on a flat surface and then the mixture can be cut on the “flowered” surface.
  • Form the Papanași in the shape of doughnuts and doughnut wholes, then fry them on both sides.


Sour Cream & Blueberries
*Special note: I simmer the blueberries in sugar and make them into a compote form.

Have you had this (or any other variation of this) before?
Thank you all for stopping by. I hope that you enjoy this recipe. Please let me know what you think.
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Christy 🙂

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