Something out of Nothing

I am finally ready to say that I am frugal, there I said it. I actually get excited to find something that I like in a thrift store because I get to give the item a new life while saving money! Win-win right?

Maybe this is where my crafting cravings come in. Maybe this is why I itch to make something out of nothing. I actually get a greater sense of gratification when my daughter smiles after I make something for her rather than when I buy something for her. We make the things that she wants together, so naturally crafting is enjoyable.




Hahaha! We made the nose warmer! Not sure whether or not we will wear this out of the house but… it is made! πŸ™‚


We also made a Barbie Wardrobe Hanger with a Shoe Rack that is both functional and pretty! Yay! She was super excited and so was I!


With the rise of thrifting superstars on YouTube I see that there are others like me in the world. I am sure that many of you reading this post feel the same way. Why spend $50 for a t-shirt when you can spend $2… yes, this is kind of a play on words from the Poppin Tags song wich I am not including here due to vulgar language… lol.

Anywho… this all leads me to venture into some new life goals. As I mentioned in a previous post about RomaniaΒ we downsized three times before actually moving here. I am finally learning thatΒ Less is More.

I believe that less stuff equates to more happiness because of the following:

  • Less time spent shopping gives you more leisure time
  • Less stuff in your way gives you room to breathe and move freely
  • Less unnecessary buying saves you money and causes you less agrrivation

The following phrases from this video stuck with me…

  • “You are not going to get happy by consuming more.”
  • “Minimalism… let’s stop the madness!”

Are you a minimalist? What are your thoughts on this? Any advice from tenured minimalists of the world are indeed welcome and appreciated.Β 

I hope that this post finds you all happy, healthy and maybe a little more motivated to buy what you need rather than everything you want. Something else to think about here is the fact that thisΒ  is the season of giving so donate away and see the spirit of Christmas on someone’s face.

Christy πŸ™‚

53 thoughts on “Something out of Nothing

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    I see frugal as a GOOD thing not something to be ashamed of. I love DIY and creating something out of nothing. I don’t consider myself a minimalist – but some of the things we do might be considered that. We just call it living the simple life. I think the nose warmer is a great idea – it’s the part that always gets cold. πŸ™‚

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      I am not ashamed, but I think I was a little before now, so this is a growth for me. I am glad that you like the nose warmers too. I got the idea online and making it was kind of a joke really but I think it might be cool to just wear it proud. Besides… it looks like Rudolph so it is he right time of year for it. πŸ€—

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      So you must I agree with my plan to jump ship from shopper to conservative buyer. I have jumped over a few puddles and now plan on making this a more permanent fixture of my life. I hope it sticks because I am seeing that there are some really great benefits to living life this way. I am happy that you like he nose warmer. It is kind of a joke but I am sure we will wear it at some point. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ€—

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  2. lensdailydiary says:

    I like your idea of minimalism. The older I get the more I understand the importance of this. I know lots of older people who have lived in the same house for forty years, acquired so many goods, and can’t let go. Though they know they should. Inspiring post as always Christy.

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      Thank you so much Len for your kind words and support. You always say nice things that make me feel good. I can relate to living and collecting over the years because we were in our house for ten years so let’s just say it was bad. Nice learning experience though.

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  3. momlifewithchiari says:

    I love thrifting! It’s so fun! The hunt while saving is amazing.
    And yes, minimalism! I can’t take clutter, and holding on to things that have no more use in my home. I donate it. What I have in my home is what means something to me, if it doesn’t it, I’m quick to let it go. There’s no use in keeping something that has no purpose.

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  4. ourlittleredhouseblog says:

    The nose warmers are so cute. I miss my daughters Barbie days, what a cool clothing rack. I have always loved thrift stores and secondhand shopping ever since I was a little girl. We are also trying to downsize in our life. I just went through a bunch of our Christmas decorations and got rid of a bunch (not my wooden or handmade ornaments though). We have this book/gift exchange store here where you get credit for things you can trade with them. I got a $35 credit from all my old CHristmas items we aren’t using and bought books as gifts to give to my cousins. They sell new books in the store as well. I got my professional camera I take photos for the blog from downsizing and trading in at that store. We ended up getting two cameras that way. It would have cost us probably $1,000 for everything we ended up getting in our camera kits and it was all stuff we traded in. good for the planet too. Love being frugal, nothing wrong with that.

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      So true and the rewards you mentioned here are great! Amazing to hear that stores created a credit system for this because it is great to encourage people to reuse things by donating and buying used instead of simply discarding things and always buying new. Thank you for your comment and for your kind words and support.


  5. Melissa McLaughlin says:

    You are such an inspiration! I love all of your creative ideas. Yes, I am a minimalist. I could live and be content with only the basics. Unfortunately, I live with hoarders! So, I ask for God’s grace daily to be patient surrounded by stuff. Enjoy your life of “less is more”!

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