Getting Over the Frump Hump

A continuation from The Frump Squad.

Dirty Round was a nickname given to her by a boy in her class. It roled off his tongue with such ease at first, and she even thought it was funny until it stuck for good. After a bit she started to hate the name because it was given to her by the one boy who hadn’t picked on her before. “Why does he have to call me that?” she kept asking herself. One day she built up enough nerve to ask him and he replied with “The ball in your bag was dirty!” This, of course,  made her skin boil because the whole incident was just so silly and imature. “Why did he have to join them?” she asked her friends many times. She was hurt because many kids teased her for one, and it hurt worse because it came from the one boy who she thought would be her friend.

The only kids to never join in on the fun were, of course, the other three girls. They would scold anyone who laughed or said anything to poke fun at their friend. Each of the girls had their share of taunting, but that didn’t matter when they were together because they felt safe and upbeat amoungst each other.

As if mockery wasn’t enough for one childhood, a final bad turn took place when Dirty Round had to experience the sadness of a broken home. After one parent left she was faced with living in a single-parent home which turned sour. Often wanting to escape she spent plenty of time away from home. Long walks, visits with neighbors and friends, reading and praying on the porch became her life.  While her taunting classmates faced issues reading assigned books in a two-week period, she read her books in less than two days! Weekly trips to the library usually meant that at least five books were getting checked out.

The Frump Squad remained somewhat pure despite the rumors which filled the school of fellow classmates their age drinking and smoking. They chose to be entertain themselves with less maliciousness. Extreme delight during this time of their lives was when they enjoyed sleepovers with horrer movies and late night ghost stories filling the nights with spooktacular fun! “Zombies and Vampires rule!” was often exclaimed by one and sometimes all four of the girls at once.

The girls never gave up on being as good as they could be while growing up! They had each other to thank for this. The once acclaimed Frump Squad evolved over the years into mothers who had tables turned on them which placed them all in the driver seats themselves. Despite the years, obstacles, and separation of sorts the girls remained friends who kept in touch and helped each other with things that they otherwise wouldn’t have known who to reach out to for support. The two girls who had been larger in size shaped up and opened up a gym for women and children which hosts many events to this day. The girl who had originally had been faced with a broken home became a writer and mother of two, living a very happy succesful life, with a marriage full of love. Dirty Round became a child psychologist who guided many young girls to bright futures of their own.

Morale of the story:

  • God is always there to help you find your way so… Never give up!
  • Friends who uplift you are great… treat them like the gold they are.
  • Lessons can be learned in good times and bad… always look for the silver linings.

I have seen many bloggers post short stories and wanted to test the waters. What are your thoughts? Please be honest. I do hope that you enjoyed these stories and I appreciate any feedback you have for me.

Thank you!

Christy 🙂

44 thoughts on “Getting Over the Frump Hump

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I loved the short story! I just find reading stories in general harder for some reason on my laptop etc, prefer reading longer text on paper. If you enjoy writing them, we’ll always enjoy reading them! But I love the morales you’ve included here, too, and that makes it all the more meaningful.
    Caz xx

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  2. Kathy Wire says:

    I do like a happy ending. Your story reminds me of 1Cor 15.33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.” Even as kids, we can make the choices toward the good and the light, or toward self and darkness. And each choice brings us closer and closer to one or the other.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Krishna says:

    Your story is beautiful from the beginning to end. Loved the ending and morals and the way you used to inspire us through the characters of story. A great writer is rising in you dear Christy.. happily waiting to read more uplifting stories from you.. beautiful day ahead 😊🌻

    Liked by 1 person

  4. roninjax says:

    Beautiful Christy. No human knows the true internal feelings and value but God does and He loves us unconditionally. We should look at the beauty within each person though and express this when the opportunities arise. 🙂

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