Food Talk

In contuniation of our food safety dicussion let’s talk about food restrictions & habits, which are a part of life that some of us will choose to ignore during the holiday season. This can be okay as long as we have practiced discipline on the days leading to and on the days after each holiday.

There are so many dietary restricions depending on each person’s body and needs.  Someone with Multiple Sclerosis, for example, should avoid Saturated and Trans Fats, Cow’s Milk, Sugar, Sodium, Refined Carbs, and Gluten.

The following tips should help inspire us all to stay disciplined:

  • Discipline yourslef before hand so that you can enjoy a “cheat day” without stressing about it
  • Pick something to inspire you to bounce back… like… New Years’s is coming!
  • Remind yourself of how you feel when you have too  many consecutive “cheat days”
  • If it wasn’t good on the first bite it won’t be good on the tenth either so save yourself the “cheat” for something that actually tastes good

I hope that this helps everyone to stay focused because I know how hard it can get when you see all of that yummy goodness! Sometimes it is good enough to let the eyes enjoy, and be reserved yourself, so that you can be proud of holding back. Other times… you just gotta have it!

I do hope to hear from you so please let me know how you handle your eating habbits & urges during the holidays.

Christy 🙂

39 thoughts on “Food Talk

  1. floatinggold says:

    Great tips, but I believe that such control needs to be instilled us throughout the year. If we cannot control our appetite during the year, we won’t be able to do it around the Holiday (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.) feasts.

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  2. vicklea says:

    I’m on the Nissen diet until at least a month after my surgery. I can’t have meat, cookies, crackers, bread, nuts or berries. So I’m eating a lot of fish, which I really dislike, and jello and protein shakes. I call it the “Marie Antoinette” diet because I am allowed to eat cake. :).

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