Tell the Story Challenge

John from The Eclectic Contrarian started the Tell the Story Challenge and he nominated me to participate with this picture…


As the warriors of the Nantahala Village neared their mark, they immediately slowed their pace and they put all verbal communication to a hault. It had taken far too long to find what they had been looking for and their long journey began to make them feel desperate as they came from a village that was on the brink of starvation. They walked slowly and quietly through the fog which remained as the sun began to rise up around them, keeping their eyes on the prize, and communicating only through hand signals which did not make a sound.

Tatonga (a name which means Large Deer) was the leader of this warrior team, and therfore had the final say on whether this animal lived or died. He was further away from the deer as the two men approached it. Thinking back to what he had left behind; his wife was nearly ready to give birth to their third son and their two older sons would be hunters themselves one day, he felt a strong sense of duty and resposibility to do what was right for his family and tribe. He signaled for his partner to take the shot.

Takoda (Friend to Everyone) was slightly closer to the deer. Being a young warrior, with no children or spouse of his own, left him with hope of coming back to the village a hero so that he could date the Cheif’s daughter. He remembered the day that he touched her hair as she walked past him and he felt the same smoothness on his fingertips even now. The smile she gave him, when he had done what no other boy had dared, remained in his thoughts each day since he had built up enough courage to do it. He wanted her to smile her warm smile at him again. He wanted to touch her soft long black hair once agian and then hug her afterwards. Sometimes his mind played tricks on him letting him feel her lips soflty touch his as they held hands and walked in the tall grass on warm summer days. His feelings, full of love for her made him feel more drawn towards the beaty of the animal before him, rather than the score of the hunt. He was in awe of the way the light beemed through its anlters and legs. He felt a sudden sense of remorse for what they were about to do, enough so that he signaled to his partner that he would wait for just a moment.

As the wind began to blow through the trees, the leaves beat against each other making one of nature’s most magnificant noises. The deer bolted instantly. It ran so fast and got out of sight too quickly for the warriors to catch up and see  it again.

Tatonga was mad and Takoda felt sorry. They kept running and running in hope of finding a new answer to the problem of their doomed village. As Takoda ran he looked violently around him for food to take back home. He quietly asked himself accusingly, “How could you allow the answer to our problem to get away?”

Takoda, younger and faster than Tatonga, arrived at the open plain minutes before to find a heard of buffalo. Without hesitation he shot and scored what would feed their tribe for a month’s time. Now he felt like a hero. Not only did he let the beaty of the forest survive, which meant he had a nice story to share with his secret love, he also single-handedly slayed what would save their people.

“You did it! Now, let’s go home boy, our families need us!” Tatonga said vibrantly as he embrassed Tatonga.


Rules: Present a picture and tell a story about the picture. It can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Nominate at least 3 people.

Here is the picture I present to you all:

Imagine similară

I would like to nominate you all in hopes of reading a great deal of fabulous stories! Thank you to all of you who participate and thank you to all for reading my story as well.

** I am late with my response because I have been away. I hope that this story finds you all well. I do hope to hear from you so please let me know what you think?

Thank you,

Christy 🙂

29 thoughts on “Tell the Story Challenge

  1. Ancient Skies says:

    She ran in the rain, on purpose in the rain, with tears in her eyes! No one would notice her tears streaming. She wanted to forget him – kick him out of her life. How could he do this?! He said he wanted a very special dinner, and then not show up?!

    What she did not know was that his train had been delayed and his cell phone stolen! He was hours late, how could this happen? So he ran all the way from the train station, in the rain, on purpose in the rain. No one would notice his tears streaming. He kept repeating her name – Rachel! Rachel! All the time with her engagement ring dancing in his coat pocket.

    And then he saw her running – they saw each other! Rachel! He yelled, and ran with all his might, dropping his briefcase. He reached for the ring – Rachel! He was running in the rain, they both ran in the rain! On purpose in the rain……..

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