“Pal”Fish out of Water

Motivation is sometimes found when you simply don’t give up! Most of you know that I wrestled for the last few weeks with feelings of not being able to do enough. Well, God listened, and now He has decided that it is time for me to have more.

God answered and gave me PalFish. Now all I have to do is figure it out! I am new to nearly everything about the app/job so this is definitely an “out of comfort zone” moment for me… yet again. Wait a minute… I was saying the same thing about WordPress not too long ago and look how far He took me with this!

1) I have met so many AMAZING people right here on WordPress!

2) I have learned and grown so much with writing and connecting with others since I started.

3) I have been able to touch others, through His grace, when I know I wouldn’t have had the same opportunity otherwise.

So far on PalFish…

For my new/”non paying” (for now anyway) job… I have created a profile; I left a written and recorded (YES… recorded 😱😳😁) introduction of myself. I even posted 3 times!!!

So… if you’re curious… go check it out. Either way I will still be here too because I love writing and keeping in touch with you all!

Want to hear more good news?

As if this wasn’t news enough already, I want to give you a recap of my LP adventure! Not only did I upload 1/3 of my inventory into Discogs.com BUT I have sold 17 LPs as of right now to 4 different buyers! This was yet another “out of comfort zone” moment that I had to overcome. God is great!

Here’s the picture from my last post… 17 down & 1200+ to go… please wish me luck!

    What things has God already answered your prayers about?
    What are some of the things that you are waiting for right now?

I pray that this note 📝 finds you all happy and well!


25 thoughts on ““Pal”Fish out of Water


      That is really nice and true! We cannot let a dark time in our lives determine our future. We must pray, learn how to handle, and then make the best of it… that is life! God wants us to overcome and help others so your comment is so right on! Thank you and God bless you! 🙏🤗


  1. lensdailydiary says:

    Wow Christy, you are becoming quite the entrepreneur. I’m happy that you are expanding your talents. I looked up PalFish, Sounds like a great way to communicate with other people, while teaching them English. I wish you luck and happiness in reaching your goals.

    Liked by 1 person


      Thank you so much Len! I gotta step more out of my comfort zone for this one because it calls for recordings, rather than writing, so it is yet another stepping stone to take. Your comments are always uplifting… thank you!


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