Dear Treadmill

How can I dislike you and like you at the same time? I know why…

It is that victorious feeling that I get inside!

I get to feel this when I conquer my goal(s) by running even if I don’t want to.

I get to feel proud of my accomplishment(s) when I am through.

Although you are difficult for me, you benefit me, which I can clearly see.

When I run two, or even three miles, I get to feel carefree.

Sweating, my knees begging for me to stop, I still press forward.

I increase the time because it is the challenge I long for…

… It is what I feel proud of when I walk out the door.

What sort of things do you make yourself do that you may have to push yourself to do? Are they beneficial to you?

The treadmill is something that I look forward to and cringe about at the same time. I know what I get out of it, but I also know that it is a challenge, so I am torn at times but this never stops me from getting on. On the days when I feel a bit down, I simply run slower, but I never avoid the run. On the days when I feel up to it, I push myself hard and try to break my previous record(s) which does happen from time to time.

I hope that you push yourself when you can. I hope that you find ways to do more than the norm and then reap the benefit of feeling victorious afterward. Maybe your exam is coming up and you need (or want) that A… push yourself!

Staying motivated is easy with discipline. Discipline is what makes you do the things that are good for you… even if you don’t want to do them. I pray that you have both discipline and motivation in your life, when and where needed so that you can be happy.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this today. I hope that you enjoyed it. Please let me know your thoughts because I enjoy hearing from you.

Christy 🙂




38 thoughts on “Dear Treadmill

  1. lensdailydiary says:

    I just joined a fitness club and do about an hour walking on the treadmill. I prefer to walk outside but it has been such a crazy,cold Winter, full of ice pellet storms that it’s been impossible to walk outside. Today it’s snowing with 100km winds.

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  2. Kathy Wire says:

    Oh, your post lured me and pulled me in! 😂 I am right there with you. I went on my treadmill this morning, like a good girl. As you say, I’m always glad I did it, but getting there and DOING it is the hard part. When my health/energy doesn’t allow for the treadmill, we also have a mini-trampoline. And when even that is above my ambition, we have an exercise ball (I sit on it and bounce). All these are for the main purpose of rebounding, which flushes my immune system. I can really tell when I don’t do it. My normal routine is treadmill in the morning, mini-tramp in the evening (Sundays off).
    My husband and I purposed to walk a mile every day. We really tried in December and January, even with snow and cold temps. But February has made walking outside impossible. Temps hover around zero; windchills ‘way below zero, many of the neighborhood roads are messy with snow, the sidewalks not shoveled, all things icy and dangerous for two old folks. We’re hoping for a more favorable March.

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