Hello, my name is Christy and I want to welcome you to “Miraculous Smile!” No worries! I am not a dentist. For me, Miraculous Smile evolves from within and shows when I am happiest. I think our Miraculous Smiles appear when we learn how to make positive choices while living with a long-time disease.

Like many others, I have Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS. I was diagnosed in 2010. I am blessed and grateful to be fully functional, with some slight exceptions, despite my refusal to take any of the prescribed medications. Changes were necessary to accomplish this; I had to revamp my diet and create a daily exercise plan, all while focusing on my rest. Recently, I experienced the greatest change when my family and I decided to move from the USA to Romania.

Although we did not move here because of my diagnosis, I have to admit that the slower pace has helped me a great deal. I look forward to sharing what I have learned when traveling with MS. I will also enjoy sharing photographs, recipes, and other things that make me smile miraculously!

If you have any comments please share! I would really enjoy hearing from you!

Thank you,