Multiple Sclerosis

I am not a doctor. I share what I learn so that I can help inspire others to live a positive life despite being diagnosed with a disease like MS. I have been blessed enough to live a productive MS life without any medication; this is mainly a result of daily exercise and good eating habits (for the most part).

This link from the covers the basics of MS.

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Like with so many other diseases, life-changing events, and setbacks overall… it is best to just take it and make the best of it! Why foster feelings of being less than what you can be just because of a minor glitch that can be overcome? I have learned to live a fulfilling life with MS, and I have had the pleasure of meeting many others who do the same!

By visiting my site I hope that you can find comfort in knowing that everything will be okay and that you can still be the best version of yourself, even if you have been faced with MS, another disease, or life-changing event.