Breath-taking views surround these 71 miles (114 kilometers) of pure bliss called Transfagarasan. Being the second highest paved road in Romania, this road’s elevation sits at 6,600 feet (2,000 meters), which places you near the clouds in some places. The highest point of this roadway is at Lake Balea, which is a majestic world wander … Continue reading Transfagarasan

Crochet Newbie

  After my transition of working full-time, to being a stay-at-home mom, I was blessed with some additional time to spend learning new things like crocheting. A few months ago I decided to learn how to crochet for fun and I am enjoying this new-found hobby. Creating something new gives me a miraculous smile. I remember … Continue reading Crochet Newbie

Eating Healthy for Better Days with Multiple Sclerosis

Our diet plays a big role in how our bodies function so we should eat as healthy as possible. Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I have found more and more ways to eat healthily! _____________________________________________________________  Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! My mornings usually consist of a glass of lemon water … Continue reading Eating Healthy for Better Days with Multiple Sclerosis