God is my Rock

This was me. A General Manager for the Olive Garden. I had my name on the wall... in stone. I had a big smile on my face and I was happy... until... I couldn't sleep, eat, and manage my stress enough to keep up with the heavy rock on the wall. I demoted myself back … Continue reading God is my Rock

Today is God’s Day

Psalm 118:24 King James Version 24 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Today, and everyday, I want to try harder to live by this verse. Sometimes I find myself lost in what is going on around me; in worry, in stress, or even in excitement. … Continue reading Today is God’s Day

Put God First

When you learn to "Put God First" in your life everything else starts to make sense. You no longer need other people, things, money, or adventures to make you happy because you have Him. I immensely enjoy when I see someone like Denzel sharing their faith. He has the ability to touch lives, making them … Continue reading Put God First

Faces for Fun

For this week's Fantastic Fun Friday I am sharing two more drawings with you. Just like I mentioned in a previous post about drawing, this activity has proven to be a peaceful adventure for me. _____________________________________________ 1 Peter 4:10 King James Version  10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as … Continue reading Faces for Fun

I’m Selfish

This is a sad truth of mine, that I was not willing to admit to myself for such a long time. My problem is the fact that I worry about what the future brings and how it will affect me.... when I know that God's word says don't worry about yourself and simply focus your … Continue reading I’m Selfish

You Can!

This short phrase is a motivational message that still remains with me, ingrained in my psyche, now and forever more! The two simple words "You Can" are so powerful if you are trying to do things with your life. Call it "a blast from the past", "a flashback", or "a fond memory"; this phrase from my … Continue reading You Can!