We are really all the same. We all open up after we learn someone's name. It doesn't really matter if we live near or far. Where we live, our background, make-up, and views are just a piece of who we are. We long for knowledge of the unknown. We look for answers that cannot be … Continue reading Humans

Reading Adventures

I can't recall how many books I have read, but it is safe to say that I have read many... MaNy... MANY books! Do you read? If you do, I am sure that you have found more than one thing that you like about reading, which makes you keep doing it. Here are some of … Continue reading Reading Adventures


I mentioned before that I worked at Olive Garden for 17.5 years as a manager. What I did not mention, as of yet, was something that rang true for me and/or any other manager on duty at the time. Your team is what can make or break you! This is true in real life as … Continue reading Team

Put God First

When you learn to "Put God First" in your life everything else starts to make sense. You no longer need other people, things, money, or adventures to make you happy because you have Him. I immensely enjoy when I see someone like Denzel sharing their faith. He has the ability to touch lives, making them … Continue reading Put God First

Faces for Fun

For this week's Fantastic Fun Friday I am sharing two more drawings with you. Just like I mentioned in a previous post about drawing, this activity has proven to be a peaceful adventure for me. _____________________________________________ 1 Peter 4:10 King James Version  10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as … Continue reading Faces for Fun