We are really all the same. We all open up after we learn someone's name. It doesn't really matter if we live near or far. Where we live, our background, make-up, and views are just a piece of who we are. We long for knowledge of the unknown. We look for answers that cannot be … Continue reading Humans

Reading Adventures

I can't recall how many books I have read, but it is safe to say that I have read many... MaNy... MANY books! Do you read? If you do, I am sure that you have found more than one thing that you like about reading, which makes you keep doing it. Here are some of … Continue reading Reading Adventures

Food Talk

In contuniation of our food safety dicussion let's talk about food restrictions & habits, which are a part of life that some of us will choose to ignore during the holiday season. This can be okay as long as we have practiced discipline on the days leading to and on the days after each holiday. There are so … Continue reading Food Talk

Miraculous Monday

Miraculous is defined as "of the nature of a miracle" in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. There are many times in life when we live miraculously. Maybe we beat a record that we thought we couldn't, follow a diet that we thought would be impossible, get into a relationship that we thought was out of our league, or … Continue reading Miraculous Monday

I’m Selfish

This is a sad truth of mine, that I was not willing to admit to myself for such a long time. My problem is the fact that I worry about what the future brings and how it will affect me.... when I know that God's word says don't worry about yourself and simply focus your … Continue reading I’m Selfish