Galusti cu Prune

Gulusti cu Prune  = Potato Plum Dumplings I have tried to make these twice since living here in Romania and I have found this recipe to be a bit hard BUT worth it! These dumplings are really tasty so I do hope that you give this video a look-see. I also hope that you … Continue reading Galusti cu Prune

Cabbage = “Varza Calita”

This image comes from Terry Wahls MD. She was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in 2000. How do you eat your cabbage? Here is a Romanian Recipe for sauteed cabbage that I learned from my mother-in-law. It is one of our family favorites so I do hope that you get to enjoy it as well. … Continue reading Cabbage = “Varza Calita”


These may look like doughnuts, but they taste completely different because they have cheese and sour cream ( which can easily be substituted for greek yogurt). The batter has a good amount of "soft" cow cheese in it which gives Papanași a unique taste all on its own. Ingredients: *Found a picture of this cheese right … Continue reading Papanași

Salată de Boeuf

For clearity purposes... Let's just call this Potato Salad Plus! This salad can be made with beef or chicken. It requires boiling, cutting, mixing and then the best part... enjoying! 😋😁 Ingredients: 500 g (1 lb.)  beef or chicken breast 4 medium potatoes 6 carrots 2 celery roots 2 parsnips 8 pickles 250 g (1 … Continue reading Salată de Boeuf